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Friday, October 1, 2010

How Sika success in Industrial Building

How Sika success in Industrial Building

Sika in industrial building

Introduction to Industrial Construction

Industrial buildings consist of many different structures with their own specific function and specification. This in return will demand different requirements and of course specific system for each of the structures.
Warehouse for example, is exposed to heavy traffic such as forklift and this will demand a high abrasion resistance floor. While food and beverage production area may need a hygienic and easy-to-clean floor system.
Sika with its knowledge and experience is in best possible position to provide a total project based solution to its customers.
Below its some examples of Sika’s products involvement in industrial building projects.

1. Concrete works

Base on concrete requirements (workability, strength) a wide range of admixture (mainly Sikament and Sika Viscocrete range) is available for producing high quality and durable concrete. Use of silicafume based material, Sikacrete PP1 is also common to reduce concrete permeability, increase strength and resistance to aggressive environment (chlorides, sulfates). Following good concrete practice and use of reliable formwork release agent (Separol) and curing compound (Antisol) shall give the best possible concrete work quality.

2. Industrial Floor

Floor of a factory & warehouse has a key factor in ensuring the convenience of the production process. Bad condition floor will cause the disruption in productivity rate and furthermore, in some cases this will adversely affect the quality of goods produced.
Heavy traffic floor such as in warehouse or parking lot will require a high abrasion and mechanical resistance floor and this is best achieved by using Sikafloor Chapdur, non-metallic floor hardener, finished by power-float. For high abrasion requirement, Sikafloor 2 Syntop, dry shake floor hardener is a reliable solution. Pharmaceutical and food production area demand a seamless, easy-to-clean flooring system and sometimes require certain degree of chemical resistance.
Epoxy resin based flooring system has been used widely for this purpose where the type and thickness of epoxy layer are very dependant on the mechanical/chemical exposure and also the design life of the floor.
Sikafloor 2530-W New, coloured, 2-part epoxy dispersion, has been widely used in numerous projects in Vietnam. This epoxy coating produces a smooth, tough finish appearance and very suitable for use in food industry and light industry factory. If anti-skid appearance is required like in wet area such as kitchen, toilet and liquid contaminated floor then Sikafloor 7530 or Sikafloor 261 textured / screed system can be applied.
Besides these two products, Sika also provides various others flooring systems for other flooring requirements such as anti-static, high chemical and mechanical resistance floor.

3. Machine and Column Base Plate Grouting

To reach maximum effective bearing area, column base plate shall be grouted using non-shrink flowable grout such as SikaGrout 214-11. For heavy machine base plate, usually it is required to use high vibration resistant and high ultimate strength grout, Sikadur 42 MP, a 3-component castable epoxy grout, is suitable for this purpose.


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