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Friday, October 1, 2010

Civil Engineering Web Directory: General/Computing/FEA

 This post on FEA I summarize for you guys. Please take a look and I will update some mores soon
A computational toolkit for engineering matrix and finite element analysis.

Dr.Tayler's Page
Manuals for finite element program, FEAP, and course notes by Dr. R. Taylor.

FEA List
WWW Resources of Finite Element Analysis in several domains.

FEA Papers
From Dynamic Analysis Stress and Vibration.

A structural element library for the linear and nonlinear, static and dynamic analysis of buildings and bridges.

FEM on Mac
An article on the finite element method using Apple's Mac machine.

Fortran source code of a large strain finite element program.

Finite Element Method Textbook
A list of textbooks on finite element methods of structural and solid mechanics.

Finite Element Methods
Course materials from UC, Berkeley.

Finite Element Resources
Public domain and commercial software.

Madams' Research Papers
On finite element methods (Postscript format file).

National Agency for Finite Element Methods and Standards (NAFEMS)
The International Association for Engineering Analysis community. Site contains technical publications, events and other resources.

Object-oriented research at Swansea
Documents on object-oriented finite element methods.

Prometheus - Scalable Unstructured Finite Element Solver
A public domain program.

Public Domain Finite Element Programs
Some programs come with source code.

Stearns' FEM Page
John Stearns' teaching materials, programs and source codes in FEM of solid mechanics.

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