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Friday, October 1, 2010

Civil Engineering Web Directory: General/Engineering Design

This is a summary of the web directory for general/engineering design. You could be fine with all engineering design here.

Bad Human Factors Design
A scrapbook of illustrated examples of things that are hard to use because they do not follow human factors principles.

Center for Design Research
Dedicated to facilitating individual creativity, understanding the team design process, and developing advanced tools and methods that promote superior design and manufacturing of products.

The web site of Design Management Institute.

Design Rationale and Organizational Memory
Several research papers on design.

Design Research
A collection of WWW resources in design.

Design Specification
How do people know what to make? How are ideas made real?

Design Thread
Lecture notes on civil engineering design.

Engineering Design (EDNET)
An introduction to the engineering design information network, a brief overview lecture on how the network was set up.

Engineering Virtual Lab
An introductory course in engineering problem solving at Johns Hopkins University.

ID PhD Page
Resources on PhD Program in Design at Illinois Institute of Technology.

Invention and Design
Promoting a better understand the principles of the invention and design process, and include an innovative set of active learning modules that employ a "hands-on" approach.

Management of Design Quality
Several articles written by Y. Reich on design.

Modular Design
Design goals and project experience.

Newcastle Engineering Design Centre
Some research projects are included.

Team Based Design Development with Corporate Partners
Stanford University class page. It is useful to civil engineers although it is a class of mechanical engineering.

On the Application of PDA Dynamic Pile Testing
Goble, G. and Likins, G., STRESSWAVE'96 Conference, Orlando, FL, 1996.

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