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Monday, September 27, 2010

Civil Engineering Jobs ?

     In the previous blog, I shortly introduced the definition and history of Civil Engineering to the reader who might not even know what is Civil Engineering. To increase the interest in the topic of the subsequent blogs, in this blog, I decide to give you some information about Civil Engineering Jobs-- what kinds of Job and the area of the employment that the newbie graduate in this field (Civil Engineering Degrees) could work for?

Civil Engineer for Construction Projects

    As in the first blog, I stated clearly that Civil Engineering is a classical field -- old aged type of topics that has been developed and used to build the infrastructure for our humanity. Thus, there are several companies and business sectors that could be fitted in Civil Engineering Jobs. This can count the direct relavant Civil Engineering Jobs and indirect Civil Engineering Jobs.

Bridge Project for Bridge Engineer
    The direct Civil Engineering Jobs can be classified regarding to the minor branchse of Civil Engineering; for examples: Civil Engineer for Infrastructure Design, Civil Engineer for Construction Supervisor and Controller, Structural Engineer, Soil Engineer, Geotechnical Engineer, Water Resource Engineer, Environmental Engineer, Coastal Engineer, Bridge Engineer, Transportation Engineer, Railyway Engineer, and even a Researcher in universities. Based on these several branches of Civil Engineering, there are thus several universities around the world to provide Civil Engineering Degree to offer several useful Civil Engineering Course. These universities thus attempt to produce as many as Civil Engineering graduates to support the demand in the market; for examples, the demand from Civil Engineering Companies to provide the Civil Engineering Jobs and Civil Engineering opportunies to those new graduates. Since Civil Engineering is a field that needs very practical professions, there are several associations to provide certificates in addition to the Civil Engineering Degree; for examples, Civil Engineering Contractor Association, ACI-American Concrete Institute, AASHTO-American Association of State Highways and Transportation Officials. Thus, joining in these associations are a must requirement for all Civil Engineers.

    For the indirect Civil Engineering Jobs, this depends on what is your career plan and competency. Why? This becauses as Civil Engineering Degrees that you earn will teach you how to thick systematically and how to apply the existing knowledge or your knowledge asset to solve the encountering problems. Thus, this kind of skill is valuable in all other jobs. Some people might choose to work in the field of Teachnology as a programmer and work for the Civil Engineering Firms or Software Company that is in the process of development of Engineering Products or even selling the third party engineering products. Some people might also decide to be online teacher and teach basic subjects for highschool students and earn lot more money than people who work in the direct Civil Engineering Jobs.

    In short, Civil Engineering is a classical field of study and job that offers strongt background in Mathematics and Science including a skill to solve any problem efficiently in the systematical way. People who earns civil engineering degrees will have a large and open space for job seeking. Both direct Civil Engineering Jobs and indirect Civil Engineering are fine; however, it depends on the job seekers's skills and competency on how to treat the Civil Engineering Jobs and Civil Engineering Opportunities in the best way.

   Hope the reader might get more on the world of Civil Engineering and see you in the next blog.

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