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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Civil Engineering Formulas

Instant Access to Civil Engineering Formulas

For those who are interested in a very good bibles for engineering formulars, this books on Civil Engineering Formulas
is for you. It is good for PE exam preparation and in-class materials.

Fully updated and packed with more than 500 new formulas, this book offers a single compilation of all essential civil engineering formulas and equations in one easy-to-use reference. Practical, accurate data is presented in USCS and SI units for maximum convenience. Follow the calculation procedures inside Civil Engineering Formulas, Second Edition, and get precise results with minimum time and effort. Each chapter is a quick reference to a well-defined topic, including:

* Beams and girders
* Columns
* Piles and piling
* Concrete structures
* Timber engineering
* Surveying
* Soils and earthwork
* Building structures
* Bridges and suspension cables
* Highways and roads
* Hydraulics, drams, and waterworks
* Power-generation wind turbines
* Stormwater
* Wastewater treatment
* Reinforced concrete
* Green buildings
* Environmental protection


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